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Democrats: Triumph over Silliness

Yes We CanHow satisfying to prove the PUMAs* and the pundits wrong: Democratic leaders can put minor differences aside (yes we can) and fight for the greater cause -- to rescue the planet from corrupt corporatists and goofy ideologies. And they know how to put on a party!

I remember the moment in 1992 -- my birthday, walking into a restaurant, looking at a TV that showed Bill Clinton sweeping the electoral map. I was stunned. That moment -- I thought my generation had finally triumphed over the mean old warriors and that peace and goodness would reign over the earth. It almost happened. If Bill only had kept his pants zipped, maybe Al Gore would have continued the Clinton successes in 2000.

But Bush ruined it for the Baby Boomer generation of leaders. He crushed idealism because he proved that idealism -- pursuit of a grand idea -- could be fueled by greed, arrogance and ignorance.

Holy crap, what a mess we're in. Now we aging dreamers need a practical Gen-Xer like Obama to get us to our Age of Aquarius. I'm willing to pass the torch.


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*PUMA = Party Unity My Ass

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