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Democratic Convention

Time for history to be made.

...Teddy Kennedy turned out to be an interesting character, didn't he? His older brothers were amazing comets streaking across the sky. He seemed destined to be the big baby loser. And look at him. He was the one who could not achieve glory through martyrdom, but had to do it the hard way... through persistence and hard work. An inspiration.

... I never cared much for Michelle Obama. I thought she might be the bitch everyone accused Hillary of being. But last night she won me over. I know there are people who can fake authenticity, but I was moved.

... We switched between CNN and C-SPAN all evening. Sometimes I like the "best political team" play-by-play and color commentary. But mostly I enjoy just watching democracy in action. Minor speakers. Delegates grooving to a tune. Feels like you're there.

... In fact I became thoroughly annoyed with CNN and MSNBC. Here the Democrats are having a love fest and they keep asking Just How Divided ARE the Democrats!? How Angry is Bill Clinton, Really?? Can the Hillary People EVER Support Obama??? I know they are killing time by searching for the dramatic subtext, but... give me a break.


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