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Happy Hour on the Erie Canal

It was a lovely to spend yesterday's cocktail hour at an outdoor cafe along the Erie Canal with an old friend. Deb and I worked together till back in the mid-nineties and only got reacquainted a couple weeks ago. And ah! haven't we become wise, multi-layered characters now in our maturity.

In just a couple hours we covered a lot of territory -- social networking (online and off), music, family myth-making, and Virginia Woolf.

After some "you go girl" coaching from Deb, I came home realizing that I could be suffering from self-imposed ageism. I know I'm wise. I know I'm capable. I'm exploring lots of new inner territory. But my external networking into this new territory -- as a learner, but a mature one -- is hampered by my own "turning 60" self-image. Bad enough when the world boxes you into a category. Worse when you make your own box.


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