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Saturday I took a break from all my introspection to enjoy the great outdoors. For Alison's birthday, Joanne arrange a kayaking trip down the Irondequoit Creek.

There were just four of us on the expedition as it turns out, but Joanne was well-prepared with snacks and mini-bottles of Corona beer.

After a week of rain the creek was high and the weather (to my amazement) was warm and sunny.

The creek is an ice age remnant. It meanders north into the Irondequoit Bay on Lake Ontario. The rental company puts your kayaks in at one of the county parks, then you "simply" float back to their dock on the bay. You have to steer of course -- my big challenge: not to wind up tangled in a low hanging tree. And you have to figure out how to pull the kayaks together when its time for a beer. The float was about two hours long. (See map above -- it's a Google map, so you can zoom in, switch to satellite view, etc -- cool.)

Afterwards, we met Joanne and Carol at a little pub at the northern end of the bay -- a perfect afternoon to sit outside.

I can't really say the kayaking was a "work-out" -- but add in the beer and the sun and I was dead tired last night!



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