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I belong to the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) and get their daily mailing list. Yesterday, members were talking about AIR's group on Facebook. It led me to go put myself on (in?) Facebook, but now what? Who am I?

Clearly, I'm OLD because I have no idea what to put on Facebook or how it "works." What if I don't get any friends? Do I really want a bunch of "friends," anyway? Or do I really want to "do friendship"?

I've had a great time making friends and acquaintances through this Mad In Pursuit website and I adore people who want to communicate with me, so... of course I want friends. Silly.

A Facebook page might give me a chance to state who I am professionally now and what my purpose in life is. I do that here on Mad In Pursuit every few days... but you need to be an archaeologist to dig it out.

I am a little tired of defining myself in the negative -- kind of a misfit;, not young but not old enough to be "cute"; not employed but not retired; jack of all trades, master of none; "in radio" but not a journalist; not really a moviemaker; blah, blah, blah... It's very self-effacing, very humble... but it might be holding me back.

I think I'm a Writer, sub-class Memoirist, exploring different forms of storytelling: text, audio, drawing, motion. For today, anyway.


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