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Lost Novel GraphicRadio Project in Process

I'm working on another radio piece -- about the time I threw away my childhood writing project out of self-imposed humiliation over not understanding the rules of composition.

The voice recording is done. I have to add the musical background. Meanwhile I thought I'd start a graphic to go along with it. Gosh, I get rusty fast.

Looks like my specialty is becoming short-short moments when some realization takes place -- filtered through the years.

My current guru is Virginia Woolf, who wrote novels, memoirs, and essays. She's the one who said every woman should have a "room of her own." She likes the intermingling of past and present. Life is a "bowl which one fills and fills and fills" -- each new experience slightly displaces the ones already in the bowl -- alters their meaning by forcing them into new combinations. The present moment is enriched by the past but the past is also enriched by the present.

We are who we remember ourselves to be.


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