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road tripStaycation: Canandaigua & Ithaca

This past weekend we enjoyed a New York State Staycation -- two day trips. Saturday to the Canandaigua Waterfront Art Festival. Sunday to the Ithaca Artists Market.

The north shore of Canandaigua Lake was breezy and warm -- perfect for walking around. Tons of jewelry, which I resisted. Lots of painting, resistable. Typical of a resort area, the paintings were dominated by landscapes and waterscapes with birds and sailboats. These artists have definitely honed their craft, but I'm off that realistic style for the time being.

Ithaca is completely different. Cayuga Lake has its vacationers, but the milieu is dominated by the cosmopolitan Cornell. Some seriously cosmic artists live in the surrounding hills. Jim and I agreed that we were both drawn to the dense, layered, complex, symbolist, magical mixed-media pieces we saw here. Still -- as much as I want to be a patron of the local arts -- we resisted a purchase.

We drove home along one of the growing network of Wine Trails in the Finger Lakes Region. Ah, here's where I can support the local talent... and get a buzz to boot. I decided to be more systematic than usual and actually taste the wine before buying (instead of just buying a cute label on a cheap bottle). Two vineyards (Lucas and Goose Watch): 12 bottles of wine, 2 kinds of dipping sauce, and a t-shirt.

Good time was had by all.


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