mad in pursuit journal


Back to Reality

My brain is bobbing and weaving. Shall I do some more spiritual pondering? Enough of that. I need to get some creative projects done and some business done.

1. We went to Chautauqua County partly to visit the historical society. Should we donate our Fredonia photo collection there? Got a name to call.

2. Keep wanting to get back to my drawing and animating -- had some "brilliant" ideas that I need to pounce on.

3. But first... I want to finish a little radio piece. I've been laboring over the writing, but when I did a recording yesterday (a) my mouth felt like glue -- no practice lately! and (b) the piece was too long.

4. But I switched gears altogether and started cataloging another book collection. Good idea to get a list to a dealer before their autumn busy season.

So breathe deep, energize, get it ALL done.


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