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I'm still pondering the lessons learned by our non-experience at Lily Dale Assembly, the Spiritualist community. I had breakfast yesterday with a couple of friends who really buy into a whole range of metaphysical religious beliefs. I felt like I needed to tell them why hearing mediums delivering messages from the Other Side was such a buzzkill.

"Buzzkill" is a good word for it. I love it when my imagination can soar and explore new ideas, from new angles. Seeing spirituality put to work in the very literal words of the medium suddenly took the magic out of... everything.

Maybe it's like someone telling you that your imaginary friend is an alien being from the Planet X. I prefer the imaginary friend. She can be an angel, a little demon, my grandmother, "Miranda" or the lamb who walked me home from school in the first grade. Life becomes rich and full of poetry. The Planet X alien is a buzzkill.


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