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Quarterly Review

Ahhh... Miranda's "Be the Change" is about as done as it will be. It's now posted on YouTube and I can start bullying my friends and relations to give some 5-stars and comments.

Time to take a deep breath. "Be the Change" came together fairly quickly --or took a lifetime, depending on your perspective. I need to take a moment to think what next.

A lot of this quarter's energy came from going down memory lane with Pat. I recollected my Breathless Eighties and she pulled out all my old drawings to liven up her new website. Dot, dot, dot. Animation craziness... And contemplating the metaphysical...

As Pat left for her 2 months of camping on 6/24, she wrote me this note. What a great coach (even if she does like to push my buttons about God).

Susan's Moment of Truth (abt 1981)One last thought from this morning's walk:  One of the things about your drawings (and your words) that I think is so special is their ability to make the intangible stuff (the tough stuff that is hard to understand and get a grip on).....again.... to make the intangible things TANGIBLE...or visual. I could go on and on trying to describe your ability... but the  more important thing is that you know that "you've got it".  It's like that drawing you did of them dragging you out of the water....NOW THERE WAS REGRET.  You somehow drew "fun" into all the brochures and ads you did for me too...and how does someone draw "fun", but you did. You drew it so people could almost feel "THE JOY"

OH  JOY IS A Bible word, as oppose to fun; but you could make the leap that FUN AND JOY....even LOVE are the same.  And now, another LEAP. Here goes:   I have been looking at your drawings a lot lately. Here is an observation of mine.....a  really really deep one ..... Yes, I believe we are made in the image of God..... The Great Intangible ONE!  If so, aren't HE  and WE  partly what our senses are (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling)? You have such an  ability to draw and verbalize those kinds of senses into things. Look how you drew Maddy smelling the onions frying.  Awesome. Look at how you drew and put into motion (video) the COMMUNION of the Great and all.  Aren't HIS image qualities and OUR  "intangible Twinkle" qualities  that likeness that we are born with?  If so,  look at the picture you drew of the Board...and how you drew the "twinkle qualities"  in to each of us...each of us who were very different people.  You saw our feelings....emotions........all that mental image stuff...and put it on paper. Again, I think this  is your greatest ability....... to PEN such things -- the JOY, the REGRET, the "twinkle qualities"  (on and on) !   Dare I say (and here is that big leap that I can not put into words very well) but dare I say..... you have the ability to put a lot of whatever God is into whatever you write or draw.  And I think  it is THIS ability to draw GOD that makes whatever you do so unique. Interesting opinion and connection, isn't it;  Yep, that what I think; and I'm, sticken' to it... for whatever it's worth!!

It is a quiet morning. I can hear the wind blowing through the trees as a storm whips up. A good morning for reflection.


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