mad in pursuit journal


"Be the Change" Starring Miranda (v. 2.0)

Yesterday was very quiet so I could think again about Miranda.

Challenge for the One-Minute Shift Contest: IF you have one minute to share the single most important message you have with the world, what would it be? And can you make that message entertaining enough to create a shift in others? (Deadline: Aug 1)

Audio: I boosted the voiceover (compression, a tad of reverb) and added some environmental sound that I recorded around here -- crows, bluejays, flock of geese (subtle, near the end) and a faraway train.

Visual: I played endlessly with lighting, lightning, and background colors till I finally decided I liked the plain red. Uploaded my large, crisp Quicktime movie to YouTube and, bleh -- YouTube compressed it and gives me that same smeary, blocky red that was in Monday's Flash video that I presented here. I think RED is the issue. So today we're BLUE. Maybe it's better.


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