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"Be the Change" Starring Miranda (v. 1.0)

I'm posting this today because I've lost all perspective in trying to "improve" it.

Challenge for the One-Minute Shift Contest: IF you have one minute to share the single most important message you have with the world, what would it be? And can you make that message entertaining enough to create a shift in others? (Deadline: Aug 1)

I had thought I would change the red background to different colors... but I'm liking it as is... a simple figure... voice without music... symbols. The starry light effect at the end... I don't know. My impulse is always to get too literal: "light" and "darkness" must be light and dark -- but I'm trying to get away from that.

(Technical: the Flash Video format overcompresses... creates that little smeariness. But it's fast. I'd like to figure out how to keep it crisp.)

Feedback welcome as always.

6.30 .2008

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