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Bitch Goddesses Don't Diet - Revisited

Two of my best friends have decided to buddy up to lose weight. They decided to appoint me their mentor/coach. So here I am pondering my assignment.

At the beginning of 2007 I recorded my own "secrets of success" as Bitch Goddesses Don't Diet. Pretty good advice.

When I look around at all my friends and relatives, I'm trying to think of who I know who DOESN'T have an authority problem. Few people can truly "submit to a higher power" -- or not for very long. Maybe if you are on the terrifying edge of alcoholism, you grab onto that life raft. But then, really, it's all you. Someone else's plan, someone else's food works for a few exciting week -- then it's tiresome. Ask Kirstie Alley.

However, even the bitchiest of us goddesses must submit to laws of science. The scale gives us a fact. The nutritional label on the side of packages gives us a number of facts. Jotting down what I've eaten in a day gives me another set of facts, when needed. I like facts. I like making them work for me. I like getting my own handle on cause-and-effect. I like making my own choices... and understanding the consequences.

I find I'm developing a "50%" rule -- aspiring to be half good. Fresh strawberries are 100% good. A Milky Way is 100% bad. A fresh strawberry dipped in Hershey's Chocolate Syrup is 50% good. Or maybe 33%. Fresh strawberry dipped in sugar, with a little cinnamon -- maybe that's 50%.


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