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Space energy disruptions

I do believe spaces have energy -- whether it's a psychic thing or the pooling and swirling of electrons in the air as we move ourselves along. In our homes, we're like fish in a familiar pond -- all the currents are familiar. And then the bulldozer comes along with an improvement plan. Everything must be moved for painting, flooring or whatever. Suddenly your settled little pond feels unpredictable. Your nerves go on 5-alarm alert. You get touchy. How can you have the improvements AND feel settled and centered, too? That's my goal for this week.

We made good progress yesterday. My main computer -- my extended brain housing all my work -- has been tethered to my wireless router and cable modem with an ethernet cable. It's always been that way. Yesterday, I bought a wireless-G USB adapter for it and unplugged the ethernet. Click. It worked!

So we moved my work station -- with its speakers, two external hard drives, and printer -- to the ground floor study. All set up! On line! My island in the stream.

I know it's a ridiculous thing to be philosophizing about, when people along the Mississippi are watching their homes fill with water and facing a future of mud and debris, their peaceful "pond" destroyed forever by the mighty river. A quiet evening checking out what's new on YouTube must seem like a distant dream to them.

Are mini-disruptions like room renovations good training for The Big One? Probably not.


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