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Trinity Revisited

trinity by PriceThe other day Pat wrote: "I wanted to call you earlier this week, as I had a great walk the other morning with you on my mind... wrote down a few thoughts when I got back; but it's too bad I couldn't call right away when my thoughts were fresh. One really wild one was:  I thought that there was a similarity between "FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST" AND MADDY, LUCY, AND MIRANDA. Whoa!!! Any thoughts on that thought?"

The Trinity? I've always had trouble with this cornerstone of Christian faith. I really struggled with it after our trip to Ireland, trying to get into the mind of the Celtic believer (read here...). There is usually some kind of psychological basis for these diehard beliefs, but I don't get this one -- although we do seem to like our 3-in-1 innovations (3-in-1 oil, printer-scanner-copier, phone-MP3 player-organizer). We enjoy and demand this... that... and the other. This, That, and The Other. Theologians and trinitarians get all dogmatic and huffy about the correct interpretation of the Trinity according to their sect... then sort of wave their hands and say, "It's a mystery... Faith required. MY Faith"

Pat's words made me think about this again. She takes her Christianity seriously.* I'm listening.

I'm trying to do my artist work from a genuine place. Maddie (smart, bold, nobody's fool) and Lucy (the bright observant child) are two "voices" that were put on, then came alive for me. Alter egos. Since Jun 13 I'm seeing if Miranda comes to life. Can I capture that third aspect -- the un-Maddie and the un-Lucy? The Other One, who can step off the edge of the universe and check out what's Beyond?


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*When I began writing novels, it was Pat who insisted my characters have specific religious backgrounds or they wouldn't be complete. I took her advice -- and my characters were the richer for it.