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miranda6.21.08: Week in Review

Lots of running around, mostly up and down stairs, as we prepare for another renovation job.

My goal is to be able to keep on working and processing ebay sales while the workmen are painting and putting in the oak flooring. So... transferring my computer/office to the ground floor. I can't work in the middle of a mess, so I'm running through the whole place getting everything tucked away. I really should just sit on the back porch with gin & tonics all week, but... I'm insane.

Art life. Plugging away at Miranda. Getting little bits of thinking and planning done. Looking through art and cartooning books for inspiration. I scanned a bunch of Marc Chagall paintings from a book, sampled the colors and turned them into a palette (see lower right) -- how fun is that?

chagall paletteCollections. A few little sales. A few more ebay listings.

Social/fun. Jim's son Roger passed through town this week... so a nice dinner and conversation with him. I served my homemade pesto -- from the fresh basil I got at the public market last weekend. That plus local strawberries makes it feel like summer! (Of course I didn't make a whole dinner for Roger... just the pesto and stuff for a snack, then we went to a restaurant.)

Made my first little contribution to Barack Obama this week -- I was inspired by Al Gore.


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