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Project: Studio Renovation

For most of next week, my second-floor office/studio/workshop will be ripped apart for renovations. Good, but ugh. This 10 x12 room is where I spend most of my waking hours and is the jammed-packed extension of my being. Exhilaration at finally being able to rip up the cheesy carpeting is accompanied by mild panic.

This week Jim and I began the dimantling process.

Hard to believe but the room contains five 6 ft x 30 in x 12 in bookcases, one 3-ft tall bookcase, and four floor-to-ceiling sets of stacking storage cubes. Then, computer, cable TV, printer, 11 x 14 scanner, 2-drawer lateral file, a 12-drawer oak cabinet with a stereo-view collection and a work table. The remaining visible wall space: covered with bead display boxes, art and photographs. Pack to the gills.

Additional challenge: all the other rooms up here (and everywhere) are equally packed. Doing anything becomes a game of Rubik's Cube.

Yesterday Jim and I emptied two bookcases and moved one to the bedroom (displacing an antique sheet music cabinet) and one to the ground-floor study (displacing a two-shelf thingie).

Amazing fact: When I moved in with Jim 15 years ago, Jim had a broken leg, so I moved everything single-handedly. All alone, I carried those 6-ft x 30-in bookcases out of my old place, down a set of stairs, into the car, and up two flights of stairs into my current studio. I had muscles and knew how to use them! Yesterday, between the two of us, our muscles were screaming, "You must be kidding!!!" But we managed.

Progress is good, right?


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