mad in pursuit journal


Mid-game Work

MirandaI'm plugging away on my animation project... no show-&-tell today.

I'm at the stage between grand inspiration and "flow." It's that phase where you're jumping up and down from your chair -- running to the bank, hulling strawberries, calling the painter -- because every attempt at executing your great plan looks like crap.

Is jumping up and down a sign of middle-age ADD or a stage of anguished ambivalence to be endured and patiently worked through? Or is it part of the creative process? Sometimes those brief steps away from the work bring solutions -- allow your brain to catch up with your body.

One of the advantages of getting old is that you start recognizing these patterns. You let yourself get out of the chair, but you've trained yourself to some back. "Here, girl," your desk calls and you obediently return.


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