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By WitzelBack to Tinsel Town

I took a break from walk-cycles yesterday, to get back to my Hollywood stars.

I'm working my way into the market. Last week I finished with the last of my low-end fan photos -- $12 each. (Oh, I should never say "last of" around this place.) Yesterday I sorted through my remaining 8 x 10s -- found a few more $12s, then decided on a group of $15s and a group of $30s.

I got about 20 photos listed yesterday and by last night 5 of them had sold. That's excellent -- but does it mean I'm pricing too low? That the $30s should be $50s? It's impossible to tell. I'm trying to price them to move -- looking at what Jim paid for them in the early 90s, the photographer, the condition.

I'm trying to guess which actors and actresses will be more desirable, but I just have no idea. Rarity might be more important than popularity. I couldn't get any bids at all on my Bette Davis fan photos. The photo above is of an unknown actress (a scribble on the back says "Sanders.") -- but it is by Witzel of Hollywood, who was the most famous LA portrait photographer in the early 1920s. I decided to ask $45 and it sold instantly. As I start getting into the upper end of these photos, it is the photographer who counts as much if not more than the name of the actress.


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