mad in pursuit journal


Animation 101: Walk Cycle 2

Another practice session. (No sound.)

Instead of Maddie's stroll, Lucy is doing a brisk "Mickey Mouse" double-bounce walk. Not bad. A lot of technical problems solved. A few technical challenges abandoned. The head and shoulders need some redrawing/loosening up.

This is "metaphysical Lucy" (she's glowing, see? and walking through a star burst). I'm playing with ideas for another entry into the "One-Minute Shift" contest for August. Lucy expresses her message about the power of the mind, energy flows, the unity of nature, and healing. Animated (energized) character, surrealistic landscape. This landscape was thrown together during the minutes before sleep last night... playing with effects... not good... need a better overall color palette.

I'm puzzling over how to make the message authentic. I don't want to sound like a spiritualist wacko or an evangelical "end of days" type (Lucy does Rapture). On the other hand, so what? Why not have fun with wherever Lucy takes me? What would be wrong with a minute of mondo bizarro? I get too worried about being Just Right. I shrink back from extremes -- artists aren't supposed to do that.


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* "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams.