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Playing with Priorities

It doesn't help to have a lot of ideas if you keep hopping around from one to the other. Last September I started organizing myself with index cards. I'm still writing everything down on cards, but I've fallen out of step with the "Getting Things Done"* method. So I laid out ALL my Project cards on my work table, playing them like a game of Solitaire.

What's ready for video?

What's ready for radio?

Problem: nothing is ready for anything until I WRITE a script or at least an outline. This column grew and grew.

Hmmm... interesting that I have no drawing projects in my active card deck.

I did some running around yesterday, but between times I'd take another look at the cards. Rearrange...

By bedtime I had 4 cards left on the table:

AUDIO: Finish my re-mix of audios from the old 78 collection, with the interview of my mom. I abandoned it when it got messy and challenging but a lot of work was done.

VIDEO: (1) New York Tourism is sponsoring a one-minute I LOVE NY video contest. I'm pondering whether I can come up with a unique angle, given my limited tools (compared to all the NYC ad agency slicks who may jump into this).

(2) Another One-Minute Shift entry for the August Contest. I like the attention I got from TELL! but I might be too much of a cynic.

DRAWING: Batting around some ideas with Pat for illustrating some of her exercise choreography methods with stick figures. Gotta play with that...

Where will today take me?


Drop me a line!

* "Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity" by David Allen