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Media Megalomaniacs

Did I mention that I'm disgusted with politics? Or better, I'm disgusted with the media coverage of politics. I do not understand why every day is We-Hate-Hillary Day. Well... yes, I do. The media has abandoned journalism for its own power trips.

When I look at Hillary Clinton, all I see is a tireless woman, who has decided to see through the primary season. Yes, she is ambitious, but what politician isn't? But the media is SO stuck in female stereotypes it's nauseating. They take such glee in portraying her as a calculating bitch that they didn't even really listen to her point when she mentioned RFK's assassination.

All the media energy is chanting for Hillary to drop out but they are loving the ratings -- loving their "narrative" of the mysterious stranger in town (Obama = Clint Eastwood) vs. the Ma Clinton Gang. They've abandoned the all-American sports narrative of great competitors giving their best till the last out, as the game goes into extra innings. No, we've gone to the dark side -- instead of cheering on the first woman at the plate, we're screaming Die! Die! to her as if she were the monster in a cheesy horror flick.

I'm thoroughly disgusted with the media -- they are all owned by multi-national corporations and there isn't journalist to be found anywhere.

We saw a classic movie the other night: "Face in the Crowd" (1957), with Andy Griffith playing the charming, then crazed-with-power TV personality Lonesome Rhodes. It gives a chilling lesson in how an audience can make an opinion-maker drunk on his own words. I used to like Jack Cafferty. I used to like Keith Olberman. But now they all just look like smirking Rush Limbaughs.

Did I say I was disgusted?


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