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Cosmopolitan Productions

Maybe it's something about losing that puts me in an organizational mood. I don't mind losing a contest, but I don't want to be A Loser. So I updated the Cosmopolitan Productions website.

"Cosmo" was the movie-making business Maria and I started in 2003. We went like gangbusters for a while... then stopped, as our live took their diverging paths. Maria sunk into her day job and me...

Somewhere along in 2006 I decided I wasn't going to do ccreative work for other people -- except under "fun, friends, fabulous" rules (thus, Joanne, Lesley). If I'm going to have any success at all in pulling out the artist in me, I can't be focused on "pleasing customers." I don't want to spin someone else's delusions into a marketing package. I have delusions enough of my own to work with. I please customers at Ebay.

So... Cosmopolitan Productions has become more of a vanity page, more museum than shop. A little exhibition space. Not for sale. Gone fishin.'


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