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New Age Whining

WAAAHHHHH. My "Tell!" video did not win the One-Minute Shift Contest. I really thought it was the best. But I also knew that it was slightly off-message for the technicolor cosmic proportions of the folks anticipating the rapture of spiritual renaissance. I'm a little Shift Noir. And the winning video was done by a bunch of overly sincere teenagers -- the damn kids always win -- everybody is after their "demographic" these days.

One of the leaders of the sponsoring Institute sent out the list of winners and added this note:

PS - your video was MY first choice (but we have a panel of judges) - I hope you'll enter another contest - I think your work is amazing!

That was nice of her. I live for praise -- though prize money would have been better. In the immortal words of Ogden Nash: "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

Anyway, I like my little video. It's my very own message and not a "commercial" done for someone else's message. So there.


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