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Project that won't die

George Sackett Mason about 1906What happens to families when the last member dies? When all that is left are the photographs and the census data?

Entry to our ground-floor walk-in closet is blocked by a big box of 250 photographs of the Sackett-Mason family of Fredonia NY. They got into Jim's hands when they were rescued from the dump in 1979 -- when the last family member in Fredonia NY died off. He spent countless fascinated hours pouring over them and piecing together the family tree.

I got involved with them in 2005 -- scanned every photo and did more family history. Wrote a web entry or two. Pondered writing books, producing videos, slide shows... But WHAT IS THE STORY THAT MUST BE TOLD? I don't know.

I took out my folder on them yesterday. I have lots of notes. I started to write the bullet points about why these photographs and this family are worth looking at. But I can't get past the question WHO CARES? Who is the audience?

The collection needs a good home. But I can't seem to let them go if they are just going to collect dust in the back room of a historical society. Someone needs to care...


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