mad in pursuit journal


Weeding my magic garden

My energy has two speeds for the past week: Fast Forward and Stop. Rush-rush-rush. Brain dead. While many of my friends are planting their annuals and their tomatoes, pondering their weed patches and improving their landscapes, I've been working on my indoor ecology -- the wild magic garden that is our townhouse.

African sculptureSince early 2005 we've sold more than 1000 items on Ebay and two large book collections. Bundles of clothes and shoes have been packed off to charity. Retired equipment... out the door. And yet every closet, every cabinet is still stuffed, every bookshelf looks, well, double-booked.

Neither of us have added to our collections in over 4 years (except for books, which we can't resist).

But we are still full. Maybe our fertile closets and cabinets are magic portals to bygone days. A little girl stores her stack of Hollywood fan photos in the family's mahogany sheet music cabinet and --- whoosh! -- here they are in our antique sheet music cabinet, waiting to be found. Waiting to drive me crazy.

I look around and notice that our house is full of charms from all cultures. Maybe that's what's doing it. Maybe those darn things work after all.


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