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5.17.08: Week in Review

Busy week on Planet Susan, digging into a lot of practical stuff... organizing.

Sales. Got my first sales of the 8x10 Hollywood photos I've been posting. I won't get rich at $10 a photo, but it keeps me motivated to keep listing the endless stack. Even humbler work: yesterday I had to correct the shipping costs on about a hundred store listings because new definitions of First Class Mail (letter vs. large envelope vs. package). A pain in my carpal tunnel!

Art life. Got my video "Tell!" posted on YouTube. Because it's part of a contest, it's been viewed 85 times since Monday. What next?

Computers. Totally reinstalled Windows XP on our kitchen computer, got it onto the internet and hooked it on to the home network enough to access the printer upstairs -- no major meltdowns of machine or operator along the way. Yay.

Played with capturing all our old LP records on my laptop. That will be a Road Not Taken.

Pondering. Still on "metaphysics." I've been reading "A Republic of Mind and Spirit: A Cultural History of Metaphysical Religion" by Catherine L Albanese (2007) -- one of those dense books where I keep having to look things up on Wikipedia as I read. Still, it's fascinating to read about the roots of current spirituality movements. Apparently "New Age" as a movement characterized by oddballs is pretty much over, and is being replaced by a quieter "new spirituality" better aligned with mainstream environmentalist, peace, and feminist values. That was in the last chapter. Now I have to go read the middle.


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