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TELL! Tell??

I entered the 1-Minute Shift Contest* with my little animation "Tell!" There aren't too many entries, so maybe I have a shot at winning the Grand Prize. In the meantime, they also have a "People's Choice" award for the video that gets the most audience cheers. "Get all your friends to vote!"

Why did this rattle me? The thought of asking my friends to give me stars and comments sent me off to an early bedtime last night. Why is it that just when I'm encouraging others to make their voices heard, I can't shout VOTE FOR ME!!!?? Glad I'm not running for office.

The disadvantage of posting my productions on this website is that you don't see all the audience feedback possibilities. So... get yourself over to YouTube and click me some 5-stars and tell the world what a cool message I've produced. It does require that you register, but you don't have to give away any family secrets to do so. And if you have gmail, you can use your gmail name and password.


While you're there, hand out some stars to a couple of my other recent videos on the

MadInPursuit Channel

TELL your friends.


Drop me a line!

*One-Minute Shift Assignment: If you had a single minute to share the most important message you have about the world, what would it be? Sponsored by the Institute for Noetic Sciences