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1-Minute Shift: TELL! (contest version)

Assignment: If you had a single minute to share the most important message you have about the world, what would it be?

My entry into the 1-Minute Shift Contest* (revised from my 4/27/08 version):

The due date is TODAY... maybe I'll get lucky.

The idea of "shift" is that we are at the leading edge of a planetary/cosmic shift from the "love of power" to "the power of love."** I think we are definitely at a planetary turning point, whether you're thinking about global warming or the end of American Empire or any brand of multicultural globalism. But who's really to say what's next? Transitions zones are always frightening because no one knows what's next. Maybe the harmonious Age of Aquarius. Maybe catastrophes (pandemics and super-hurricanes) and chaos (global economic depression and governmental breakdown). We live in a global border town... at the cosmic crossroads.

All I can say is that border towns and crossroads are fascinating places -- full of stories. Think of Casablanca... We might as well gather our chairs around the table, while rain pounds the roof, and tell each other what we've been through, the glorious and the gory.


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*Sponsored by the Institute for Noetic Sciences

** Anodea Judith's words