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Facing Computer System Reorg

My new computer (souped up Dell 530 Inspiron desktop) is due to arrive today. I feel like a general preparing to go into battle as I prepare to switch around my systems.

My current desktop system is a 2002 Gateway that is sprawled among two internal hard-drives (120 GB each) and 3 external hard-drives (120 GB, 120 GB and 1 Terabyte). They are full of video projects, graphics and sound files and back-ups of back-ups. This one needs its critical Susan info moved to my big back-up drive. I spent a couple hours last night moving several of my huge Cosmopolitan Productions to a stack of DVD data disks.

The new computer will have 1 500 GB hard drive.

My goal is to have a well-organized fresh start with my file organization. Nothing to drive me crazy, right? Then my current Gateway is going to get a high colonic before I reinstall it in the kitchen where I hope it will be a good network citizen -- and where Jim can use it to fool around.

Setting up a computer is not the rocket science it used to be... but reorganizing files and rethinking backup systems is still a brain twister for this 59-1/2-year-old.


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