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Back to Hollywood

Yesterday I was listening for those Apocalyptic hoofbeats.* I was waiting for the Rapture (or the Shift) to buzz me in to Paradise. But no. A humbler miracle awaited me: the loaves & fishes. AKA our Hollywood photo collection -- the more I work to get rid of it, the more work I have.

Back in the '80 I matted about 100 large-format prints in gorgeous 4-ply 16x20 ivory, archival mat board. I woke up yesterday knowing this: to sell them, the mats must go. It wasn't a revelation but a calculation: they are heavy, a giant pain to mail, costly to both me and the buyer. And oh! how much less space they will take up in our Magic House O'Plenty until sale time.

I sent Jim for more 14 x 11 plastic sleeves and sat at my computer half the day doing labels -- stock number, actor, photographer, year. In BIG PRINT so we can sort through them easier. The sticking point is still how much to ask for them -- depending on subject, photographer, etc, each could be worth anywhere between $10 and $1000.

Labels printed, I sat on the lower study floor, de-matting, bagging, slapping on labels. Got through about 70 before my back cried out for mercy. And a nip of Paradise.


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* video works now