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One-Minute Message

Assignment: If you had a single minute to share the most important message you have about the world, what would it be? Well, here's one thought:

It's a YouTube "one-minute shift" contest,* due May 12 ($1000 prize). It has me fooling around, learning some new techniques. I don't know whether this is my final result or not. The audio is a little dull, but I'm not motivated to find a sound effect to match every text effect -- and maybe that's a cliche anyway -- boing boing. The blurry "story" backgrounds are from all the movie photos I've been scanning -- scenes from "Casablanca" and "Dark Victory" -- just a hint of people interacting, for texture.

I'm probably way off-message for the Noetic Sciences sponsors... I'm a little Cosmic noir... but when has that ever stopped me?


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*Sponsored by the Institute for Noetic Sciences