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I'm homing in on a mission for the months ahead. Well maybe not so energized as a MISSION, but at least a theme for my work: VOICE. My own intent over the past few months has been "Tell a stunning story." But after all my "loose ends" work this week, I can see this could be expanded to also help others tell their own stories... in writing, audio, video, scrapbooking, or whatever medium suits them.

(1) At last week's party, a student of alternative healing told me she thought so many women had thyroid problems (thyroid located at throat) because they were strangled in their effort to speak out. Hmm... thyroid issues seem hereditary in my family... but maybe reticence is hereditary too. Got me thinking, anyway.

(2) Last night we watched a documentary called "Protagonist" (2007). Four men look into the camera and tell the stories of their lives: their fearful youth, their Big Tough Bad Guy phases, and their final redemption and reconciliation. Stories. From what I could tell, they all wound up as speakers and/or writers.

(3) Genealogy is an extremely popular hobby, but how few people can actually pull the information together in a way that's entertaining and engaging?

(4) Yesterday I worked on revising one of my most popular web pages: Sound Capture: How to Get Your Voice Inside Your Computer. Voice again.

(5) I have a bunch of other tutorials on writing... not so popular... but which could be revised and better promoted.

(6) I need to do some new software tutorials... maybe these can be geared around this theme...

(7) I found myself at one of the New Age channels on YouTube. They are having a little 1-min video contest: If you had one minute to deliver a message to the world, what would it be? I was toying with making an entry called "Tell!"


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