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I went off by myself to the Pat Drum Aerobics instructors' reunion last night: about 15 women and 1 guy who taught choreographed aerobic dance in the 1980s. I was the only one who had never been an instructor -- I was the "backroom" contributor of ad graphics and brochure layouts, as well as a board member.

Interesting group. To be an aerobics instructor you needed to be fit, organized and nervy -- willing to memorize on-the-beat choreography and jump around shouting in front of a group of sometimes-moody strangers. So... a particular personality type. All loud, fun-loving exhibitionists? Probably not that simple...

Anyway, I've always been a misfit among them -- I managed to cope with the PDA parties of the Eighties, but have mostly opted out of the reunion parties since then.

Last night was different -- maybe because Pat and I have reconnected in the last couple years -- maybe because I've finally learned some party mixing techniques -- maybe because Pat was attentively networking people... Whatever the reason, I hung in for about 6 hours with lots of good conversations. Maybe once you're past the age of fifty, you've accumulated more commonalities than differences. Life provides the topics.


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