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April 1: Quarterly Review

The year started with a burst of creative energy, fueled by our trip to Florida and by the invitation to submit radio pieces to :Vocalo. But the months before had also been pretty energized, with my "index card art," web designs for Lesley and initial work on "Great Dames." Around mid-March, the wave of energy hit shore, dissipating into a million drops of... whatever. Time to scratch my head and ponder.

  • Visual/animation: Finished my 2-minute animation "Great Dames Take Naps" -- even if I can't reliably produce it in DVD. A great learning experience. Fun. Does it go anywhere from here? My goal is not to compete with young 2-D animators. My goal is to tell a story, get some conversation going. The piece was not about capturing a moment, but an attitude.
  • Writing/audio production, drawing: Getting discovered and welcomed at :Vocalo was a huge motivator. I posted 9 short radio programs there and got some air time and good feedback. This also spurred me to do some quick, expressive art to go with the postings.
  • Writing/research: Family history pages have led to this week's celebration of the Barrett family in St. Louis.
  • Although I dropped out of my figure drawing class, I've been educating myself on the history of Modern Art and Modernism in general. Museums, lots of DVDs, and books.


None of this has been about "jobs" or building a business. It's all about figuring out what I have to say. Is that an odd thing to be doing at the age of 59? Or am I right on track?

It's the right moment for a break. Exciting weekend in St. Louis. Then a visit from Pat. Some vacation planning with Jim.


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