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More on Moses

I spent a lot of time with the Barretts over the past couple weeks. But while poking into the online records I stumbled on a fact long speculated about: who was Moses Flanagan's second wife -- the "wicked step-mother"?

These are my mother's people. The Barretts -- her father's side. The Flanagan's -- her mother's.

Both Irish immigrant families. Both families plagued by tragedy and early death. But through the mists of time and documentation, the Barretts come through as tougher -- they always had a plan. They saw opportunity and grabbed it. Dreamers, but also doers.

The Flanagans were more vulnerable. One circumstance undoubtedly hurt them: the untimely death of Maggie Keville, Moses' wife and mother of his seven children.

After Maggie Dies: Rescuers and Rascals is a revision of a page done a couple years ago.


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