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3.29.08: Week in Review

Um... why does this week seem like a repeating loop from last week? And snow!!!

art life

I became obsessed with the fact that my new DVDs wouldn't play on our TV player, even though they played fine on my computers. I burned 10 DVDs experimenting... source video?... DVD authoring software?... DVD burner?... disk brand/quality?... I got the answer!... then lost it. Put... the... project... away...

My excursion to Best Buy did get me psyched about buying a whole new computer...

Retired from my gig doing class offering DVDs for a local university theater department. It wasn't bad money, but it drilled holes in my brain. Plus, I've been storing about 40 Gb of their material on my D: drive and a back-up on my I: drive, so it will be a relief to clean those out.

What happened to all those creative weeks of radio productions, animations, drawings, etc? I finally dried up. Time for a quarterly review... and a weekend of inspiration in St. Louis.

Barretts of CatawissaFamily History

Barrett Brothers Park. Lost myself in the Meramec River Valley of the 19th century as I pulled together my Barrett history pages and discovered Patrick's homesteading grants on ancestry.com.

I can get lost for hours lining up all the little details and trying to figure out "the story."


Minor action. Decided to sell one of my video cameras -- too big -- so getting the description and photos together.

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