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"Great Dames" Premiere 2.0

My mom keeps me up to date on all the internet humor about women "of a certain age." Yes, I do get a chuckle out of Maxine. But when you step back... is this all we are? Menopause and mammograms? How will we ever elect a woman president if we are hopelessly uncool?

screen shotI began the two-minute animation "Great Dames Take Naps" as play -- a fun response to Pat D. calling us "sleeping giants" who then mobilized into "wild giants" around Lesley's project. The process became an extravaganza only because I was beyond my skill level, totally lost, and yet kept wanting to layer in more "meaning." I would finally have to just throw something down in order to move on to the next challenge.

Anyway, "Great Dames Take Naps" celebrates the woman who has her act together. It recognizes our interior life vs. our public life and celebrates the cycle of learning: reflect, understand, plan, do. More lecturing later, but in the meantime, take a look:

Great Dames Take Naps

There could be a version 3.0 or maybe just a 2.01. I'm not entirely happy with the sound mix and the visuals could be tweaked indefinitely. So feedback welcome. There really isn't a plot or any "punch line" ...


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