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War Rugs: What Little Girls Make

I'm continuing to experiment with mini-radio projects.

Aksi - Turkoman War Rug Detail

I guess this one would be classified as "commentary," based on a journal entry I did back in 2001 (updated now with revised links to other resources).


Overall I want to see how well I can translate observations and sensations into sound. Short -- pow. Especially little offbeat subjects like this. Depends on beautiful writing, striking just the right tone with my voice, blending in some evocative background sound.

This was a quickie... the writing B - B+. My voice... a C here... a little ponderous. I wanted to be thoughtful but not heavy. Clear but not overly ennunciated. I want my voice to have that kind of intimate quality of your best friend telling you a secret or one of those old-time overnight DJs you thought was talking only to you. Better look for a role model and get her voice in my head. Practice, practice, practice. All advice and coaching accepted.


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