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Fishing for Art

So how do you "access the unconscious" to release all your cool creative energy?*

I'm working on my "Great Dames" project and need some punchy new images. My brain whines: "Oh, can't we just use something we already have??? Can't we just GET IT DONE???"

My animation drawings will not win any prizes, but for this project I do want every part to be from the heart, to express something true. What's the point of faking it when you are your own customer?

Yesterday morning: I studied a few paintings by Joan Miro (1893-1983). I did my 20 minutes of zazen meditation to clear my brain of its chatter. Turned on some "meditation" music. Sat with my big sheet of paper and charcoal pencil to see what would happen. The result:

sbprice 2008

Hmmm... Calling Dr. Freud...

My dreams aren't much help. They are not dreamy. They are vivid facsimiles of life, full of details, crowded with people and knotted with plot complexities. Like my brain dumps out a whole file drawer for overnight processing instead of just a folder or two. But last night I did have that occasional dream about my river being full of marvelous big fish. Only it turned out that the fish were sea lions. They got out of the river and followed me up some wide stone steps. They spoke to me. They said they were lost.


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* I've been reading about surrealists in my books about Modernists.