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Penfield Wilderness

It's a blustery cold day with a few inches of snow. Our snow-plow people showed up at 3 A.M. with their loud machines, engines grinding, metal scraping the asphalt. I have a mammogram scheduled for later this morning. Another cold thought.

Sunday I was complaining that my suburban world is a low-drone soundscape, with road rumble constantly in the background. So I went on an adventure to Thousand Acre Swamp, a wildlife refuge just north of here.

Thousand Acre Swamp, Feb 2008

I walked for a couple miles, recorder in hand. Didn't hear a damn thing. NOTHING except for my own feet crunching through the snow and a little breeze against the mic. Then it occurred to me: the place is frozen solid -- no food. Whatever birds are active this time of year hangs out by the roads where they benefit from human scraps. Okay, enough wilderness for the moment.


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