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Confessions of a Mean Girl: the Audio

I needed a break from piecing together 1940s music clips. Something simple. Glanced at my Memoir contents. Hmmm... A juicy one: Confessions of a Mean Girl, from November, 2003.

mean girl

I recorded it easily enough, then spent my editing time on Saturday learning the intricacies of my new sound mixing software. The 3-minute result is below.

It's one thing to write about your character flaws. It's another to hear your little confession over and over and over again. Sheesh. Oh, well, I guess this demonstrates why even smart "well-behaved" teenagers still need parents.

I originally wrote this thinking about a video project: how adult women can still be cats and undercut one another even while professing sisterhood. The video project didn't go anywhere, but my personal research took me for this walk on the dark side.

The weird background sounds are my voice too, as I play with some distortion effects.


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