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My Super Tuesday Pick: Hillary

First, a Democrat must win in November. Either Hillary or Barack is miles better than McCain or Romney.

I will vote for Hillary on Tuesday.

Her health policy plan is better than Barack's. Her foreign policy and her plans around Iraq are smarter. Her trade and immigration policies are better informed. While she's not as charismatic as Bill, she is better disciplined. She can succeed as a no-nonsense President living in the world of real-politick.

As for Barack's electability: I'd like to think we live in a "post-racial" society. But I think there are more yahoos who would vote against a black man with a foreign-sounding name than political correctness allows us to admit. However, if Barack can mobilize African-Americans (without becoming the "black" candidate) and youth to get out the vote -- that is terrific. I admit there are also yahoos who couldn't not bring themselves to vote for a gal.

Hillary is tainted with past decisions? Everyone over fifty is. Living life, taking risks means carrying baggage. We idolize and idealize the Kennedy brothers, in part, because they died young. The brewing scandals we know about now didn't have time to erupt. They didn't have time to add bone-headed mistakes to their young glories. Lyndon Johnson was a vastly more effective social reformer who had the poor fortune of living long enough to get mired down by Vietnam (a conflict stoked by JFK). "Sadder but wiser" is okay with me.

Strictly emotional: I really hate it that everything Barack does is seen through rose-colored glasses. He truly is a media darling. He is too bland, like someone put together by a focus group. I hate it that the Clintons are fair game for bashing and that everything they do is seen as a "tactic."

I certainly don't relish another 8 year's of Clinton-bashing. On the other hand, rose-colored glasses are also easily broken, the minute Barack makes his first misstep.

Coat-tails? A few more Democratic Senators is crucial for getting anything done. Which candidate will help more Democratic Senators and Representatives get elected? I don't know... maybe that's a matter of whoever can get out the Democratic vote without mobilizing horrified Republicans.

Dream Team. Hillary for Prez. Barack for VP.

Bottom line: Make Bush and all his anti-American, anti-people, wrong-headed policies GO AWAY.


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