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Muhoney: New Radio Project

When you write up a family story the hardest part is to isolate a moment. It's a big temptation to spend all your time setting the stage, explaining the context, getting all wrapped up in the fascinating (to you) details.


I wanted to do another piece for :Vocalo -- something short, something that establishes my Chicago cred (if only in my own mind). I decided to tell the story of my great uncle Moses Rafael Flanagan. He was a gangster. There are so many stories I might weave around the young man my grandmother called Modie. But I decided to try only a reading of the final police report:

Muhoney: Case Number 3604 (about 1 min 40 sec; MP3 format)

Between Muhoney, Charlotte and the backdrop of Respectacle, my stories this week are pretty bleak. Maybe I should lighten up. Or maybe I should hold off doing the literary analysis and just keep running with the stories that grab my imagination.

Feedback welcome, as always.


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Graphic: the only photo we have of Moses R was taken when he was about 10, smiling, with his dad. I tried to use that, with some drama around it.