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"Charlotte" Test

Charlotte Graphic

I started this audio production years ago and figured I'd finish it up for my burst of radio energy. It's about done. I'm playing with the final mix. Turn up your speakers to listen. It's 3-1/2 minutes long (MP3 format).

"Remembering Charlotte, in the Rain"

It's a true story. My family will likely recognize who Charlotte is. I don't think there's a "message" here -- it seems to be about the things that swirl around us in childhood that we don't get. And the stories we pull together from our memories once we know the ending.

Both voices are me... who knows why I did it this way. I think I had in mind a video of a mother and daughter walking in the rain, having this conversation.

I went outside one day in the rain and recorded the sounds. I like the crows.

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