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Changing Gears: Sound Art

RespectacleHome from Florida... revising animation project... starting Figure Drawing... then from out of the blue comes an invitation to get back into "sound art."

In August 2006 I submitted a piece to the Third Coast International Audio Festival, the mecca of independent radio production held every year in Chicago. Respectacle was very experimental (for me), weaving a creative sound-web around a kids' voices I recorded for a 2003 video production on Respect. I worked like hell on it but then it sort of fell into a black hole. On Tuesday this email resurrected it:

My name is Robin and I'm one of the Host/Producers at, a new interactive web community and radio station based in Chicago... We're an initiative of Chicago Public Radio that aims to serve an audience that doesn't traditionally listen to public radio... Starting this spring we'll have a 50,000 watt tower that will give us coverage over the whole city of Chicago and some of the surrounding suburbs.

We're also a playground for people who make original audio work. Anything goes - you upload it, we air it. That's why we're embarking on a partnership with the Third Coast International Audio Festival, which is all about creative audio, encouraging new work, and spaces to play. Our hope is to kick off this partnership by airing pieces submitted to Third Coast's Short Docs project on We really like the piece "Respectacle" you submitted to 99 Ways and were hoping we could air it. The piece would air on and on 89.5 FM in Chicago. We would then add it to our library so that other Host/Producers could air it in future broadcasts... You'll get great exposure in Chicago for this and all your future pieces.

Wednesday afternoon I joined up and posted my 2-1/2 minute extrava-gonzo:

Respectacle at Vocalo & 89.5 FM Chicago

Of course, then I was inspired to do more experimental audio. Lots of ideas. I picked up an audio production I started way back in July 2003 -- my memories of a childhood friend. I spent most of the day yesterday reworking it... it's near finished... stay tuned...

P.S. I googled "vocalo" and learned a little about its start-up status. So... it's not like getting a regular feature on National Public Radio, but there is charm and adventure in being part of an experiment.


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Vocalo. The thinking behind Vocalo by Tory Malatia, president and g.m. of Chicago Public Radio.

Fresh startup keeps old ideals.