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Changing Gears: Figure Drawing

figure sketch

Lordy... If I said I was exhausted by a naked man you might get the wrong idea. But the truth is that my figure drawing course started yesterday. I was totally unprepared.

I arrived with my little sketchbook. But no. We had to stand -- for 3 hours -- at these big easels, with big paper, making big lines. Seven of the 9 students were regulars -- they knew the drill and dove right in with their sketching.

The model was a guy with a paunch. He did quick poses, then longer ones. My sketches were awkward and disproportioned. The one above was the last -- we got about 45 minutes. I took this odd foreshortened angle, which forced me to draw exactly what I saw and not the poetry in my head. It turned out to be my best. The teacher said so.

The effort of intense seeing accurately wiped me out for the rest of the day. A surprise.


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