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I'm hoping that this year brings contentment and all things good to the ones I love. My own resolutions are pretty simple.

New glasses -- I haven't taken a good photo yet in my oblong glasses. They must go the way of the red hair. (Vanity.)

Revitalize my ebay store with new stock. (Humble work.)

Make a dent in selling a couple photography-related collections. (Organization, boldness.)

Art projects. The only way out of ugly is to dig my way through it. Don't get frustrated and give up. Take risks. Tell stories. (Perseverance.)

Zen. Keep exploring. (Patience.)

Politics...? Do something positive to bring about the change in leadership that this country so badly needs.

Maybe I'll think of more later...


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Albert Einstein's three rules of work:

1. Out of clutter, find simplicity

2. From discord, find harmony

3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.