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Our big project this week is packing up about 90 rare old public health books. A specialty dealer in Los Angeles has agreed to take them on consignment and promote them to his list of collectors and libraries over the next couple years.

In my role as ebay shopkeeper, I'm used to being a one-woman show. I have my shipping workflow down to a science. But this job is more complicated -- several boxes, inventory lists, numbering each book, individually wrapping any book that could be easily damaged, etc. So Jim is partnering up with me.

teamThis is part of the master plan -- that Jim and I have as much fun together selling our collections as we did buying them. Keep in mind: Buying is emotional and exhilarating, with a touch of madness. Selling is business.

Anyway, we decided to tackle the books on our snowy Sunday. We were disorganized and feeling damn testy about it. I am like an only child who doesn't know how to share her toys with other children. I have rules and systems. Why doesn't he know them? Why can't he read my mind? Doesn't everybody know the post office won't take things packed in liquor boxes?

Sunday... Monday... Tuesday... Working in spurts, we have 3 boxes packed, with inventories and a couple more to go. Now we are a well-oiled machine, laughing together and each with the same mental picture of what we're doing. A team.

I remember a slogan around team-building: forming, storming, norming, performing.

Why is it we have to storm? We can't we fast forward through the dark part? Ok, I know the answer -- the deeper the dark, the brighter the light. You can't have an adventure without the challenges and the problem-solving. Cocoons were not designed for hiding but for growing inside.


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