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Quick experiment

Tired of my tight cartoon ladies, I decided to do a quick experiment on the more surrealist side. Draw some "phantoms" directly into Photoshop, trying to bypass my overactive brain as much as possible.

The surrealists embraced the concept of art drawn from the unconscious, to convey meaning without the limitation of representing reality. Sometimes they used automatism -- "the supposedly spontaneous transcription of the unconscious made by the artist's hand moving automatically without the deliberate interference of reason... an attempt to circumvent the rational mind and plunge straight to the unconscious."*

Well, I don't think I was getting too deep, but I made a few scribbles. This morning my exercise was to see how fast I could turn them into an animation.

Enough of this... I'm supposed to be getting ready for vacation...


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*"Art in America" by Tighe and Lang